need help ID'ing a track


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Nov 27, 2002
Anyone seen the "Ali G" Movie that came out last year?

In the beginning of the movie when he's in his car what's that track?
I checked the soundtrack out and i don't think it's on it

it's something like....

wicked-wicked.........wicked-wicked.......wicked-wicked, junglist massive
its M-beat featuring the masterMC who is General Levy, Its called incredible an its on RENK records. it came out 95/96 i think.

Apperently, General Levy does the mc circuit (rarely) - my cousin say him at one nation in the rave-nation arena.
hey yo man,if u get hold of this trak please let me know,ive been searchin 4 time man and cant find it n e were.


dj traxie+j walker = anger managment :mad:

ya dan know!!!!!!
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