Drum & Bass Need help fixing this track!!

Mason John

21st Junta
Yo the 1st track, I'm listening to it right now, it's sounding pretty good and I'm liking the groove it's giving. I'd probably trim off some of that intro tho personally, or add a little more kinetic charge to it at least. And agreed w/ SubKA and Ran. I didn't notice the snares having a problem, but I can see ShinPan's point too.

I like the kinda 80s thing going on w/ the 2nd track's intro. And again, pretty nice groove, some Jazztronik flavor in it. I think it could use a rolling sub bass in there tho, sorta mimicking the lead but not in some cheesy way xD.
First Track;

I would bring the volume down on the sample at 2.08, it sounds like its resonating through the roof, if that was on a PA system it would sound horrendous, in my opinion anyway!

Next I would make the bassline stand out more, mess around with EQ'ing the middle (somewhere from 600hz to 1-2khz) frequencies until it nicely pushes through the mix, the synth/sample going along with it is overpowering it, or alternatively do the same with the synth but bring those freqs down. I would play around with the balance between the two.

Quite a funky track though and I can already imagine people off their nut raving to it :)

Second Track;

The main thing with this one, I would like to hear the bass a bit louder, it has nice movement but is a bit quiet.
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