DnB need help desperately on this track's mix.

Axon 6.67

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Aug 1, 2011

I made this track with a friend and we're not quite happy with the mix. Its pretty much all over the place. I tried EQing every instrument so that most of the instruments would not overlap in the frequency spectrum but the track just sounds muddy as hell and soft to boot. I'm guessing the track has too much sub bass and its overpowering the rest of the mix. But then again I'm not completely sure. So, to stop my rambling, here are my questions for all you dnb producers out there:

1. What qualities are most desired in a dnb kick? in a dnb snare?
2. How loud should a sub bass be in the mix?
3. Can you recommend a good multiband compressor for dnb?
4. Can you give me any type of feedback on my track's mix?

Without further ado, here's my track: http://soundcloud.com/axon_6-67/chernobyl .

I'll really appreciate all your serious replies. I need the help.



Jul 30, 2011
Hey dude if you have not already got it buy izotope ozone 4 and apply it to your kick and snare via the Harmonic exciter i use this on just about all my drums i hope this helps dude..


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Oct 29, 2007
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my tips for mix down.... start off with setting the master volume at -4 or -5. Then put everything to zero in ur mixer. decide what u want the main sound to be about, kick n snare, bass or something else and then raise the volume to them, then keep adding the elements how u want them. The track u posted on soundcloud there the synthy sound is farrrrr too loud


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Dec 5, 2005
imo Forget Multiband, Ozone etc etc, thats mastering, and will not help a bad mixdown, if anything it will make it worse and confuse the problems, first you have to work on your mixdown, this should help http://dnbforum.com/showthread.php?120686-Mixdown-Tips

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quick listen tells me...

reduce the volume of your synths, boost the volume of your percussion, compress them up a bit, boost your sub bass volume

musically, its quite an interesting track! some nice melodies n wobbles in there
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