Need for mirrors - Vanquish / June Miller - Drowning man (Jubei remix) 12" [HORIZONS]


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Horizons Music proudly presents :

Dreamthief : 2 - Sampler

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Need for Mirrors - Vanquish / June Miller -Drowning Man (Jubei Remix)

Following on from the success of it’s predecessor, Horizon’s Music continue their stream of quality tracks, with the massive Dream Thief 2 album being completed. Featuring tracks from some of the most progressive and forward thinking producers in the scene, this unforgettable project will be hitting stores and dancefloors worldwide over the next few months.

As a little taster, Horizon’s present the Dream Thief 2 sampler, featuring Need for Mirrors with the mighty Vanquish and Jubei stepping up for remix duties on June Miller’s Drowning Man.


Heavy aggressive stepping is the order of the day with NFM’s Vanquish, squelchy acid bass stabs sit alongside a heavy, chunky and rolling bassline. Tight crisp drums roll out with their addictive double kick pattern, reminsing on pre-millenium vibes. Lush pads and echo’d samples provide the background ambience. Unstoppable.

Drowning Man (Jubei Remix)

Jubei comes in hard and heavy, taking Drowning Man’s instruments and transforming them into something more aggressive and haunting. Sinister bell tones take the listener deep beneath the ocean, where a huge lurking bass tone lies in wait. Things strip back with the bells taking a back stage as the stepping beat rattles your ribcage.

12" has recieved DJ support from Randall, Storm, Ulterior motive, Loxy + many more


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Re: Need for mirrors - Vanquish / June Miller - Drowning man (Jubei remix) 12" [HORIZ

Whoaaa that Jubei remix is a banger