Need Critique Please


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Didn't really like the wide reverb sound on the snare, I reckon with that bass running it would sound better with a more snappy snare.

Really like the bass line. In my headphones there's enough low end. When it goes high it could perhaps get a bit more saturated and dirty and filtered?

Like the build up, Like the little drum fill before the drop.

The chopped vocal is a fairly strong 'flavour' for sure!

Cool tune.


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Thanks fishy I am not feeling the vocal chops either. I just want something, anything in the higher frequencies to be placed on top of the song. Any suggestions?

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Thanks subprime
Two more things I have been insecure about. I will try to find another snare. Never felt I got it right. And I am glad you like the drum fill before the drop because again I just never felt like it was right.
As for the bass I just recectly learn from neo-mind and sid-fidla how to separate frequencies. To give them(my bass) that little bit extra touch. However, I think it is to late for me to go back and add the touch in. Mostly because I am a long way away from being good at it and knowing what to do.