need a tutorial or sample of this.......

cant get on youtube at work, upload a clip to sendspace or somat and i'll have a listen

but if u say its a womp sound u want.

get a relativley lowish note going on, make the note short and add a bit of attack on it and very little release, should make it go whomp....

either that or get a long note and lfo 1/4 ....i think??
this has been asked before. try searching.

but for now............

that noise is created by using an envelope controlled low pass filter. setting the cutoff low and using the attack on the envelope to make the filter rise up.

good luck.
Just want to add on H's comment for simplicity.

When you're creating your wobble you usually see a sine-wave causing the cutoff to move down and up, low to high. You need to choose a wave that goes from low to high and stays there. That will make your synth go whoaaaa and stay there. If you don't it will be going whoawhoawhoawhoa etc.

The sound itself just sounds like a single saw wave with some changes to the voicing and pitch shift.
The womp sound is created by the low pass filter opening up over time, try a slow attack on the filter envelope. Also, try bouncing a note, and then playing that back in a sampler.
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