Need a track ID'd. Its from Dieselboy's set at Shambhala this year.


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Dec 20, 2010
The very first song you hear in this video:

Thanks guys. :]

DOES ANYONE KNOW THE TRACK AT 3:16? Thanks thedude for the first track. :]
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Jan 25, 2011
does anybody know the one at 5:08..ever since I saw this video Ive been searching for that track. Asking everybody. That track is a banger!! please somebody!!


Jan 14, 2009
Ontario, Canada
American raves look jokes! Is that dancers on stages with tits out? They don't do a great job of brockin to the drums and bass though!

It's not in the States, it's in Canada, deep within the BC mountains, way off the beaten path. Every year the people who throw the event build the main stage area a different way. There are many rules to the event, no booze being one of them. However, from what I hear, the event goes off every year. Noisia was also there this year, abd it's not only dnb, it is multi genre.
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