need a lil hand on beat strucutre


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May 3, 2003
I've understood some of it but what i cant get is, if for exemple a song's intro is 8 bar, is ther anyway i can guess the number of bars for a phrase on my plate or do i have to count and think?
Well, synching two tunes when there is beat i can pretty much get it now, but what i'd like to try to do a bit more efficiently is double drops, buti have a hard time synching the intros generlly im off a few bars and it sounds crap but that's because im just watching on the plate the grooves and start from there you know? that's why i'd like to understand really well beat structure but having a hard time at this.

I've read the entire website of Recess( its good, but i still cant count the number of bars of an intro for example that'd be easier if i could.

Also for bars counting, what i do is count in my head every snare and then every 4 its a bar right?

thanks for the help, i hope this isnt too confusing

:alf: okay, y'know dNb runs at say 170 bpm right.

So if you were tapping your toe at that speed you go:

thats a sixteen beat bar, 4 times 4.

times that by 4 again and you have a complete cycle of 64 beats, time to ...

drop the needle n roll.

edited cos I'm blanked-out tonight

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