need a few liquid podcast for the gym


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because my charisma is off the meter I am now allowed to let my music play tru the big speakers at the gym I go, WIN!
If I was alone there it would be nothing but neufofunk but the girls find it a bit hardcore and I'd like to please everyone.

I dont know much about liquid but i"d like mixes that play artists like nu;logic, blu mar ten, Ivy lab, camo& krooked, commix,etc. I want the vocal track to a minimum and the cheezy danybirds, logistic totally inexistant.

remember its for the gym so its gotta be fast-paced(dzuh), free of dj-talk/hype.

anything downloadable from soundcloud is a plus.

thanks for any suggestion that fit these criteria


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Paul SG – Stay Classy feat T.R.A.C
Submorphics – Roseword feat Christina Tamayo
Lenzman – Burner
Tokyo Prose – Sunsets feat LSB & MC DRS
Disclosure – When a Fire Starts to Burn (Flaco Remix)
Lenzman – Startz feat Kevin King
Malaky & MS-DoS – Long Distance
Pablo Nouvelle – You Don’t Understand (Calibre Remix)
Calibre – Runaway feat Fox
Eveson & MC Fats – Vighette
Tokyo Prose – Won’t Let Me Go feat Lenzman & Fox
Utah Jazz –Roll The Blues feat MC Fava
Unreal – Just One Night feat Jeremy Carr
Paul SG – Lady
Rowpieces – An Intense Moment
Shotik – Game of Life
Intelligent Manners – Sweet Promise
Paul SG – I Miss You
Pennygiles, RoyGreen & ProTone – Change My Name
Furney – You
Technimatic – Looking For Diversion feat Lucy Kitchen
can't beleive I forgot to thank you guys for the suggestions so there it is; Thanks a lot guys. there were exactly what I looking for.

It'funny that I asked with mixes 'ala' blu mar ten that I could dwnld from soundcloud and have blu mar ten post a soundcloud podcast with blu mar ten song, loll.

I saw your set in quebec city blu mar ten, my first DnB I ever attended and I loved it, yet didn't even tought to check you on soundcloud. now I see you have 25 mix there and I<m defdinitly gonna listen to all of them.