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Jan 14, 2003
Join us each night for NC Live hosted by

A nightly showcase of drum n bass talent across the state of North Carolina by way of SHOUTcast internet broadcasting. Starting at 9pm most nights.

Sunday = "Hacked" hosted by tha 1031 cru. - Charlotte 9pm - till

Monday = "Kenetix" hosted by Transdermal - Greenville 9pm - till

Tuesday = "Runnin" hosted by DLX - Greensboro 10pm - till

Wednesday = "Mid-Week Session" hosted by Melody Ashe and Ahnon - Raleigh 9pm - till

Thursday = "Talkin with T" hosted by Vicous T 8pm - 9pm
"Rinse and Repeat radio" hosted by Sirus and Shyguy - Wilmington 9pm - till

Friday = "The Outter Limitz" hosted by D:raf and Xist - Asheville 9pm - till

Saturday = "Special Guest Night"!!!!! 9pm - till
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