NC-17 & Nusense - Just Heroes / The Keep [Viper Recordings]

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NC-17 & Nusense
A: 'Just Heroes' – AA: 'The Keep'

Never one for resting on our laurels, The Viper Kru continue the pressure of releasing cutting edge DnB, this time in the turn of Canada’s newest & baddest producers, NC-17 & Nusense. Fresh off their first UK tour where they smashed up Renegade Hardware and D&BTV, NC-17 have not-so-quietly been one of Canada's best kept secrets.


With releases on DSCI4, Mac II, Sudden Def, Vampire Records & Hustle Audio, NC-17 & Nusense are a lethal duo of multiple styles which they change up seemingly at will. This outfit have a mountain of releases forthcoming on Renegade Hardware, Big Riddims, and DSCI4, amongst others, and have rolled out two belters for their Viper debut.

Both tracks come with a stripped down, super DJ friendly vibe that NC-17 & Nusense seamlessly produce each an every time. ‘Just Heroes’ is a deep & dubby roller, while ‘The Keep’ takes you down to the trenches for some minimal, no nonsense DnB… pure and simple!




Watch out for more exclusive NC-17 & Nusense cuts on the ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ LP, out now!

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