Nc-17 - Bodyparts Ep Out Now!!!!


We apply our notion of diversity here on the second ep as Canadian duo NC-17 team up with us to bring you your second wave of listening pleasure. 'The 'Bodyparts ep' largely consists of a dancefloor nature and we see just that in the self entitled track 'Bodyparts' - and first collaborated release on the label with KC. Simplicity seems to be the trick here until hard hitting beats and crashing rides progress this track into an onslaught of crunched up leads topped off a warm, thick sounding sub. An array of programmed keys are decently made use out of for the hook which will without doubt set you off on a quest throughout the dancefloor continuum. The overall vibe of 'Bodyparts' will inevitably give you the sense and feeling that someone out there could really be after your insides! Watch out, it could be the person dancing next to you! Fliipping over to the B. side of the ep and we stumble upon '80 Blocks'. Immediately our attention is grabbed by way of marching drums, jazzy hits and techy stabs, all of which are nicely rolled in together with some tightly produced breaks & shakes. A rather intimidating vox on the drop briefly puts an end to the above and we are treated to a devastating combination of gritty synths, hits, edits and bouncy basslines that will throw your body in all sorts of directions! Moving on and we find that an epic/dramatic intro is the name of the game on the third production from the Canadian phenomena. This time we introduce the second of four collaborations on the ep in the form of TIM VIPER from none other then Viper Recordings! We, at Proximity, are delighted with the result of the track entitled 'The Killing', also featuring NUSENCE. After introductory proceedings have taken place the track creates an essence of nostalgia casting our minds way back, to the day when dance music was new, exciting and fresh. Everything that this track is! The highly intelligent programming and accompanying bass sequences have been created with pure precision and class, making this track an absolute roller of a tune, which is guaranteed to make you cut shapes all over the place! Some truly smooth percussion is in motion on the off beats which pave the way for a much anticipated bridge, after which, fully rotates back to the hook and leads up to a remarkable half time break down only to be expected to jump right back into the thick of it! And boy, does it! Lastly, the forth track to be featured on this explosive ep comes in the manifestation of 'Freddys Dead'. The forth and final collaboration sees LOCUSS getting in on the action. Terrifying passages of sampled dialogue generates a magnificent eerie vibe as well as an intergalactic touch, which really sets the mood for this final faze of the ep. Keeping things tight on the drop, we dive straight in at the deep end to uncover subliminal basslines along with various other twists & turns throughout the sound spectrum and the result - including the rest of the ep - is sure to cause utter damage on dancefloors worldwide!








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