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    How Much Does It Take - D Kay
    A Need in Me - Soultec
    Desperado - Artificial Intelligence
    Desire - D KAy, Dj Lee
    In Your Name - D Kay, Rawfull
    Broken Dreams (Makoto Remix) - Lenzman
    Ghetto Love - Total Science
    Take a Look( Symptom Remix) (Savage Rehab) - Jah Mirikle
    Grand Funk Hustle - Die & Break
    Turn Down the Lights - Benny Page
    Snorkel (S.P.Y Remix) - Siren
    Feel Me - Total Science
    Past Lives - Total Science, S.P.Y
    Music in the Night (unreal Remix) - Dr Meaker
    He Come Around Andrezz
    Hummer - Calibre
    Wordsworth - Lenzman