Natural Mystic & Brillo - Time out / For your mind (cras


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Jan 30, 2002
A pretty hectic pair of tracks here on Crash, and well worthy of a spin!
The better of the two tracks in my books is "for your mind" which has a real funky break with offbeat cowbells really adding to the groove while you've got the usual digital subs throbbing away and some real ripping high end synths tearing away at your ears over the top of this.
"time out" is by no means weak and features a lot of break changes and is ripe for cutting up. A synth similar to the one in digital's "Ghost train" (i think that was the title) bounces away in the background nicely to round things off.
Overall a more hectic vibe than most Digital tracks and a wicked release. Sound quality on the promo was a bit ropey, not sure if it's any better on the full release.
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