Native Instruments Battery 3

this is news to me. i'll probably try out the demo and see if i like it that much, as ive been interested in fxpansion guru, too. anyone have experience w/ battery?

and how about that maschine? thing looks sick; maybe i should save my pennies for that.
ive got battery, never used it untel i saw this post. so ive been cranking it for the last day or so, and its pretty good, you can go into alota detail on each hit, and its more user friendly than the drum synth in logic thats for sure. the envelope in each cell is wicked for getting tight beats
I find Battery to be pretty useful and flexible, but I haven't used much else to compare it to. If you want to create your beat from individual hits then Battery seems to be a good way to organise everything, create your own kit, edit each sample etc.
can you choose what channel each hit will go to? ie in FL studio would i have to use a separate instance of battery for kicks,snares,hats etc?
yea you can hook it up to diff chanels, i can in logic anyway so im sure you could in fl

could you elaborate a bit please:) as far as i know, each instrument in FL can only go to a single channel. Is it a logic or battery function that allows channel separation?
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