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Urban Art Forms stay on track — Coming from the Urban Art Forms festival as
their famous starting point and passing some highlights on the way, they
have now arrived at the next ground-breaking station of their successful
path: with their new label NASCA Records, Urban Art Forms have committed
themselves to supporting Austria’s music scene and with it Austria’s
talented young artists.

Launching the NASCA Records label, founders Robert Stefan and Michael Willer
(aka Body&Soul) and Urban Art Forms CEO Christian Lakatos present an
impressive artist roster with names ranging from Camo and Krooked to
Snitchbros. and many others.

Their overall goal is to promote Austrian producers and to create a
professional platform for talented young artists from the various music
genres. In addition to their main business of releasing vinyl records, NASCA
Records also concentrate on distributing music via mp3 stores, stating that
it is about time to develop a new approach to label management.

But what’s the sound of NASCA Records? The label above all focuses on
transferring emotions. What you get are heavy bass lines next to electric
guitar distortions. Complex soundscapes along with expertly manipulated
vocals. Songs hitting their audience far beyond genre borders. NASCA Records
leaves no room for mental borders and sterotyped thinking. They have come to
release good music. Sounds that will find their ways both to dancefloors and
living rooms. „Quality – not quantity“. That’s what Austria’s youngest music
label stands for.

NASCA Records. Feel the music.


A: Body&Soul – NASCA

AA: Body&Soul vs. Camo&Krooked – Change the Course

Release Date: April 2008