NAPT Official Breakspoll Mix - 84 Tracks, 11 Minutes


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Nov 8, 2007

If you missed out on listening to NAPT's official and very special breakspoll mix on Eddie Temple Morris's XFM show you can listen/download by clicking the links below.



Breakspoll will be held at Fabric London on February 26 2009. For ticket info go to

Runtime - 11min 14secs

1. Lady Waks & Hardy Hard “Minimal”, Rogue Element Mix (Menu Music)
2. Chicken Lips “She Not In”, Stanton Warriors Remix (Azuli)
3. Plump DJ's “Get Kinky” (Fingerlickin)
4. Rico Tubbs “Gangsters” (Menu Music)
5. Stereotype ft Foreign Beggars “Bangers and Mash” (Hardcore Beats)
6. Plump DJ's “Mad Cow”(Fingerlickin)
7. Plump DJ's “System Addict” (Fingerlickin)
8. NAPT “Gotta Have More Cowbell” (Funkatech)
9. SCAM “Killer” (Deepcut)
10. BBB “Bassbuster” (High Grade)
11. Plaza De Funk “Drop the Bomb” (Brighton Breaks)
12. Chemical Brothers “Saturate” (Virgin)
13. Rogue Element “Rogue Rock” (Exceptional)
14. NAPT “Work This Out” (Funkatech)
15. MJ Cole “So Damn Into You”, NAPT Remix (Sub Frequency Funk)
16. Daft Punk “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, (Virgin)
17. NAPT “Heart of Stone” (Funkatech)
18. Eric Prydz “RakFunk” (Miami)
19. Beat Assassins ft Sweetie Irie “Boom" (MOFO)
20. Soul of Man ft Candy MC “SukDat” (Fingerlickin)
21. Elite Force “ShadowBox” (Kingsize)
22. Slyde “Frequency”, NAPT remix (Fingerlickin)
23. Phonat “Learn to Recycle” (Mofo Hi-Fi)
24. Breakfastaz “Midnight” (Cyberfunk)
25. Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up” (XL)
26. Beat Assassins “Direct Hit VIP” (MOFO)
27. Stanton Warriors ft Big Daddy Kane “Get Wild” (Punks)
28. Plump DJ's “Shifting Gears”, Stanton Warriors Remix (Fingerlickin)
29. N'fa “Get Doh” (Vacation)
30. Pyramid vs Far Too Loud “The System” (Funkatech)
31. Ripgroove “Double 99” (Ice Cream)
32. Pyramid “Wickedest Combination” (Funkatech)
33. Dopamine “Hold You” (TCR)
34. Stanton Warriors ft Beatnuts “Shake It Up” (Punks)
35. Deekline & Wizard “Back Up” (Against The Grain)
36. General Midi “Milton” (Distinctive)
37. Freestylers “Push up Word Up”. Stanton Warriors Remix (Data)
38. Far Too Loud “You Know The Sound” (Funkatech)
39. Deekline & Wizard “Angels”, NAPT Remix (Against The Grain)
40. Frankie Valli “Beggin” (Universal)
41. NAPT “Show Me VIP” (Funkatech)
42. PMT “Gyromancer”, Stanton Warriors Remix (10 Kilo)
43. Drummatic Twins “Feelin Kinda Strange”, Nick Thayer and Bass Kleph Remix (Fingerlickin)
44. Ils “Hate Is An Illness”, NAPT Remix (Botchit & Scarper)
45. Plaza De Funk “Got the Funk”, Madox Remix (West Records)
46. Aquasky “Red Out” (Passenger)
47. Plump DJ's “Electric Disco” (Fingerlickin)
48. Alter Ego “Rocker:, Stanton Warriors Remix (Skint)
49. Plump DJ's “Soul Vibrates” (Fingerlickin)
50. Calvertron vs Banga “Whoop”, NAPT Remix (Destination?)
51. Slyde ft Lady Posh “’Kiss Kiss Bang Bang“ (Fingerlickin)
52. NAPT ft Skibadee “The Rollers” (Sub Frequency Funk)
53. Trouble Soup “Can You Feel It” Mantra
54. NAPT “N-Funk” (Sub Frequency Funk)
55. DJ Mutiny ft Miss Trouble “Most” (Sub Frequency Funk)
56. NAPT “Wah” (Sub Frequency Funk)
57. Bodysnatchers “Freaky Ho” (Passenger)
58. Vandal “Mad as Hell” (LOT 49)
59. Fake Blood “Mars” (Cheap Thrills)
60. Ce Ce Peniston “Finally”, Bart Bmore Remix (Boot)
61. 30Hz ft Yolanda “Daddio”, Miles Dyson Remix (Lot 49)
62. Plump DJ's “Rocket Soul” (Fingerlickin)
63. Plump DJ's “Disco Unusual” (Fingerlickin)
64. Brookes Brothers vs Danny Byrd “Gold Rush” (Hospital)
65. Michael Morph ft Yo Majesty “Do What You Want” Deekline & Wizard” (Pure Mint)
66. Danny Byrd “Weird Science” (Hospital)
67. Specimen A “Algorithm” (Funkatech)
68. Beat Assassins “Gunclip” (MOFO)
69. Groove Diggerz “Funky Heroes” ,Plaza De Funk Remix (Breakin Even)
70. Koma and Bones “Get Down”, Breakfastaz Remix (LOT 49)
71. Stanton Warriors ft Eska “Still Here” (Punks)
72. Culture Shock “Asteroids” (Ram Records)
73. NAPT vs Kish Mauve “Lose Control”, 12" Dub Remix (Funkatech)
74. Alan Braxe “Addicted” (Roule)
75. Stylus Rex and Electrotec “Quasi” Plaza De Funk Remix (Control Breaks)
76. Pendulum “Out Here” (Breakbeat Kaos)
77. Aquasky ft Ragga Twins “Give It Up “ (Passenger)
78. LADVAN “Waters Of LaLa Land” (White)
79. Brookes Brothers “Tear You Down” (Breakbeat Kaos)
80. Alex Metric “Pins” (Marine Parade)
81. Splttr “All Alone”, Alex Metric Remix (Big And Dirty Records)
82. NAPT VIP (Funkatech)
83. Beat Assassins “Put Em Up” (MOFO)
84. NAPT VIP (Funkatech)
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