Name's 5iftySix K, pleased to meet ya!!

What's up everyone! I have a couple of monikers, 5ifty$ix K when I'm making more jungle/footwork stuff for my label * * but up until I started using that name a few months ago I was calling myself StrangeFlow, making all sorts of funky, glitchy, and mostly breaks-based trip'd out electronic music. I also run, after years of being a musician and a fan, I decided to put the accumulated knowledge and skill to use online, releasing tutorials, articles, reviews, samples/sample packs, etc.. So, I guess that's my story.

BTW I'm excited as fuck that there's a whole 1992 board on dnbf... though, alot of the links seem dead. I'll keep trying though! Props to everyone involved in making this forum great, I've been a lurker for a good amount of time, thought I'd quit being a creeper douche and just sign up and say hello..... so, HELLO!