Name a huge, well known, loved by many track that you absolutely hate

Oh, also the newer Phace releases.. what is this guy even doing? I know I keep repeating that I've long grown out of neurofunk but I decided to have another listen to the Energy EP a few days ago and there are actually some interesting ideas and sound design on there. This, on the other hand, is as generic as it gets:
Blackout in general just pushes that shit stadium neuro

i'm a big fan of Jade/Eatbrain but unfortunately they seem to be going the same way.

More Hypoxia / HYQXYZ etc I think, they still make interesting funky neuro if you even call it that any more
a lot of the tunes mentioned so far (that ive heard of) have been routinely shitted on since forever tbh
^^yeah...don't think anyone here liked that Phace release on Blackout.

Liked this when it came out, but don't wanna hear it anymore now....especially in that ultra cheesy vocal version ;)
Personally prefer Misanthrop myself, Phace's older material can be mediocre at times
I wonder how many people I would piss off if I posted this tune :teeth:

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a huge fan of Calibre's output. I've tried to like this tune but I still don't understand the hype it gets
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