Name 1 record u have brought that u would love to use as a frizbee !!

we used taxman's equinox as a frizzbee and shy fx's feelings that was jokes, my mate from uni used some of his shit vinyls in a clay pigeon shoot dont think that can be beaten to be honset
dno wot everyones beef with clipz is ye fair play all his recent stuff is wank but ur forgettin tybetan mist, ready for love remix, capeira remix, cocoa, black doves all the classics hes dun with die...nd ye pa-way of the samauri
kick push dnb remix ugh i hatethat wish i never bout it


my worst 1z were both given to me by girls who had nothign better to do with them and they are:

ghostbusters original theme track from 1984 apparantly..

and scooby doo movie theme tune by outkast...

after that i made a point to everyone not to give me any more novelty vinyls... im not gona use them no matter how jokes they are
I have several....

Hazard - Machete <--- only a matter of time untill this came up! haha
Anything by Social Security
Anything by Limewax <--- Simply because i recon it would cut the fuk out of anyone far better than any other producer... TAKE THAT BITCH.. GLITCH IN A YA FACE!
High Contrast - Papa New Guinea Remix
Roni Size - Snapshot 1, 2 and 3
Chopper <--- Every damn version of it!

Erm, pardon? What's your beef with Papua New Guinea rmx? Awesome remix of an awesome tune, HC did that one justice.

But on topic, Cold Killer by Shimon & Sparfunk feat. Kimani. Every time I hear this tune I'm over taken by cold sweat and the compulsive urge to vomit until I die. Fucking awful tune.
I bought Nightwalker tune Dirty Secret/FT Dangerous. I only liked the intro made me laugh at time. Some gezzer goes into record store you always try and sell me crap (Vocals). Not really funny now. We live and learn.
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