Name 1 record u have brought that u would love to use as a frizbee !!

I would take Clipz' entire discography and use them as clay pigeons for shooting.
I have several....

Hazard - Machete <--- only a matter of time untill this came up! haha
Anything by Social Security
Anything by Limewax <--- Simply because i recon it would cut the fuk out of anyone far better than any other producer... TAKE THAT BITCH.. GLITCH IN A YA FACE!
High Contrast - Papa New Guinea Remix
Roni Size - Snapshot 1, 2 and 3
Chopper <--- Every damn version of it!
pretty much everything that has been mentioned above

tesco value project - gunshot (think i played that once and it went straight to the bottom of the collection, cant even remember how it goes)

and various jaydan promos for 99p that are completely shite
hahaha, jokes thread.

me and my mates destroyed a copy of slam the other day. it wasn't mine but i still enjoyed it.
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