Name 1 record u have brought that u would love to use as a frizbee !!


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Jul 3, 2005
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Name 1 dnb record u have brought that u would love to use as a frizbee !!

Sorry to name n shame but , as a once record collector myself im sure each 1 of u have gone through your collection at one point and said ... "why the fup did i buy that"

Well summers here and with the credit crunch like it is lets all toss out those unwanted record frizbees to the parks all around the world ....

my frizbee has to be ... " Cybersonik - Technarchy "

this track used to get smashed everywhere i went clubbing back in the day , as a "wannabee dj" back in them days i had to get a copy "even though i hated it" just incase if people called into the pirate station i once was on asking for it , i could play it for them .... alot of classic heads will linch me for doing this to this tune i know but hay , still to this day i cant stand this record !!!!!!!!!!! summer park frizbee here it comes .... :D
Social Security- Love Bug/ Captains Log

Absolute fail moment with this 12". Fortunately I only paid £1 but both songs are terrible. I only bought it because I had heard the Love Bug name before somewhere and I thought it might be a liquid song. Unfortunately it wasn't. Then I read a thread on here called something like "Worst Song of 2008?" and then I recognised it...:(
Krust Warhead - tc remix

I would gladly personally gather every single vinyl, digital and other source of copy and burn it all in a nice big furnace. it's the most, and I mean, THE MOST, waste excuse for a dnb tune, nay, a dnb remix, I have ever had the displeasure of listening to.

I loathe this remix with a passion.
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