Label n0te (aka Kenei & Eiton) - The Six Names 2009 [T3K016]


n0te (aka Kenei + Eiton) - "The Six Names 2009" [T3K016]

French producers Kenei (busy at the moment with setting up his own label with Brainfuzz) and Eiton (see T3K011: "Pneumo") form the project "n0te" and they realized a big one called "The Six Names" quite a while ago. A very heavy midrange-based killer which never was picked up by a label. Kaiza, a big fan of the works of those french artists, always liked the track a lot and wondered about the status of this tune one day and contacted both producers. Kenei was not too font about the idea of releasing the old version and promised other new material to be released on T3K, but switched his opinion some weeks later and remade the track for a new 2009 version: it is a very big honour for T3K to bring you this big work of modulated midrange, rough rhythm and astonishing atmosphere. "The Six Names 2009" will catch you and take your breath!

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