N.Phonix Euro Tour 2009 + Mix


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Sep 6, 2007
N.Phonix Euro Tour 2009 + Mix





Nphonix (Feodor Stepanenko, Obninsk, Russia) is at the moment one of russia's most hottest dnb exports.
Having his tunes signed to some of the best d&b labels around, constantly touring and being supported by
many of the scene's biggest names, Feodor continues to conquer junglist hearts all around the globe..
Nphonix's career begun in 2000 when he started making beats being influenced by the likes of Bad Company,
Kemal, Cause 4 Concern, Ed Rush & Optical, Stakka & Skynet, etc.
In 2005 he decided it was time to send out some tracks, which later resulted in him being signed to such
legendary labels as DSCI4 & Subtitles and also Sinuous, Algorythm, Cyanide, Citrus, Fokuz, M-Atome,
Full Force, Sudden Def and Contaminated.
Besides Nphonix, Feodor also has a number of parallel projects under other alias’s representing other styles
of music such as Techno, IDM, Down Tempo and Dubstep (FM Science, Jon Smit, Minddubber).
Nphonix's tracks gained dj support from the likes of Andy C, Ed Rush, Bailey, Dylan, Noisia, Phace, Spor, Teebee,
Chris Renegade, Dieselboy, Calyx, The Upbeats, Raiden, Panacea, Evol Intent, Audio, Vicious Circle,
Propaganda, The Sect, Counterstrike, Limewax, Marcus Intalex, Chris SU, Optiv, Mayhem, Bulletproof,
Psidream, Kano, Spl, Temper D, Masheen, Pyro, State Of Mind, Bad Robot, Kalashnikov, Identity and many more.
As a dj Nphonix had lots of gigs all over ex-USSR space and also in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia,
representing heavy neuro/tech sound, deeper drum&bass and even dubstep.

January, February and March 2009 Nphonix will be available for booking in EU..


29 january - ???
30 january - ???
31 january - South Tyrol, Italy
01 february - ???
26 march - ???
27 march - Biel, Switzerland
28 march - ???
29 march - ???

Bookings details:


AIM: Nfx ls

Nphonix - Transfix [Full Force FF006]
Nphonix - Ephyra [Full Force FF007]
Nphonix - Ill Sequence [Fokuz FOKUZLTD014]
Nphonix - Sunspire [DSCI4 Spy Technologies 4 LP]
Nphonix - Eden [DSCI4 Spy Technologies 4 LP]
Nphonix - Ideogram [Fokuz FOKUZLTD017]
Nphonix - Zed [M-Atome MATOMELTD001]
Nphonix - Piranha [Sinuous Evolution Of Mind EP]
Nphonix - Ephyra (Dose Rmx) [Full Force FF013]
Nphonix & Enei - Transparent [Fokuz FOKUZLTD018]
Nphonix - Dead End [Contaminated CONTAM003]
Nphonix - Victimology [Contaminated CONTAM003]
Nphonix - Zed (Amex Rmx) [M-Atome Digital MATDIGITAL003]

Nphonix & Enei - Spacecraft [Cyanide CYANIDE029]
Nphonix - Sever [Algorythm ALG007]
Nphonix & Identity - Project 2501 [Algorythm ALG007]
Nphonix & Enei - Quicksilver [Citrus]
Nphonix & Paperclip - Phasm [Sudden Def]
Masheen - Resin (Nphonix Rmx) [Sudden Def]
Electrosoul System & Nphonix - Aegis [Subtitles]
Nphonix & Logical - Anti-Gravity [Subtitles SUBTITLES070]


nPHONIX June 2008 Studio Mix


01.Task Horizon&Identity - Ectoplasma [Sudden Def dub]
02.Nphonix&Identity - Project 2501 [Algorythm dub]
03.Spl - Denied (Masheen Rmx) [Lost Soul dub]
04.Nphonix - Dead End [Contaminated dub]
05.Katharsys - The Scraper [Breed 12"]
06.Xpander - It Was Electro [Freak Mp3]
07.Dom&Roland - Take Them Down [Dom&Roland Productions]
08.Nphonix - Victimology [Contaminated dub]
09.Spl - Distance [Lost Soul dub]
10.Nphonix&Enei - Spacecraft [Cyanide dub]
11.Vicious Circle - Bleak [DSCI4]
12.Fortress - Milano Violenta [dub]
13.Identity&Nc-17 - Lost [dub]
14.Osh&Division&Enei - Bloop [dub]
15.Profound Noize - Dropzone [Underfire]
16.Subtone - Lucidity [Vandal Music dub]
17.Current Value&Donny - Nightmare Man (Spl Rmx) [Future Sickness dub]
18.Identity&Logical - Bad Entity [Venom Digital]
19.Current Value&Raiden - Scrapyard [Future Sickness dub]
20.Nphonix - Zed (Amex Rmx) [M-Atome dub]
21.Eiton - Kopilot [dub]
22.Nphonix&Paperclip - Phasm [Sudden Def dub]
23.Masheen&Sleeper Cell - Deep Cover [Contaminated]
24.Icicle - Late Nights [Critical]
25.Enei - The Straight Way [dub]
26.Electrosoul System&Nphonix - Aegis [Subtitles dub]
27.Nphonix - Ideogram [Fokuz LTD]
28.Derrick&Tonika - I Love You [dub]
29.Rufige Kru - Is This Real (Commix Rmx) [Exit]
30.Mindscape&Safire - Heatstroke [Resolute]
31.Kemal - Re-Animation [Architecture]
32.Bad Company - Spraycan [DSCI4]
33.Morebeat - Existence [dub]

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