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Nov 29, 2008
Ez all
Since i will be doing a show on stressfactor.co.uk every week and will be recording it too , i thought off making 1 topic where all the recordings will be posted in (with tracklists)
The stuff i will be playing are ranging in the 90-96 era from house to dnb main focus will be jungle but def. not strictly this
here is my first one :


and the tracklist too :
area 39 - silver haze [genetic stress]
alex reece - i need your love [metalheadz]
dj trace - mutant remix [sour]
studio pressure - the lightning [photek]
nut-e-1 & technarchy - tunefull [bear necessities]
adam f - light years [lucky spinn]
subject 13 - point of no return [subject 13 records]
peshay - latin jungle [streetbeats]
dj infinity - eternal [intellect recordings]
octave one - technology [31 records]
temp la - summer madness [underground hardware]
cool breeze + digital audio - the steppa [2tuff]
love dove jay - i just dream [vinyl addiction]
dj spatts - rock me slowly [section 12]
cool hand flex - must feel [de underground]
natural mystic - echo's [timeless]
dj nut nut - mad ragga john remix [production house]
the full sp - raw basics remix [face]
dj undacut - floating [deep & dark]
origin unknown - valley of the shadows [ram]
sound of the furure - hands of time [formation]
sleepwalker - spirit [hardtimes]
metalheads - inner city life (roni size instant mix) [FFRR]
formula 7 - religion (ray keith remix) [quayside]
ltj bukem & peshay - 19.5 (reprise) [good looking]
the intelligent junglist - higher [ruff guidance]
da dogz - non stop [prime time wax]

i wont be playing the overplayed anthems but a few here and there doesnt hurt ;)

enjoy the mix
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Nov 29, 2008
lemme know what you think about the mix.
for a non prepared one this came out pretty good imo
and i let the songs play a bit longer as i hate 40 teases in 1 mix
its about the tunes (at least thats my opninion ) when it comes to oldskool beats
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