mze vs lxc - stick em up/ hi-lar - prod 055/hp.stonji - reej


Jan 3, 2003
Some quality jungle action straight out of Germany on the Alphacut label for this triptych of terror. MZE & LXC kick things off in hardcore style with a techstepper which threatens your bass bins at every oppurtunity. Introing through fractured breaks and eerie backround noise before unleashing some classic organ sounds and a full on gabber beat to break things up. From then on the structure of the track moves through a bassy landscape and techstep beats. Visceral synth horizons razor in to your aural vison as the 4 beat break attacks once again. This continues for a little while until the breaks make themselves heard once again and the bass warps away til the end.

Hi-Lar really clangs it up on the flip with some odd industrial beats which stutter in to life with pounding bass. There's plenty of double jointed step with this one as Hi-lar gets his hammers out and wacks his synths for all they're worth. It breaks down for a breather somewhere in the depths of the track before setting off again on a more familiar rhythmic pathway and bashments it's way through to the end.

HP Stonj really shred every single element of their track pushing the boundaries of distortion to the absolute limit. The beat is simple at first glance but is persistently mauled and battered until it seems completely baffling but is reconstructed to it's original form in fractions of a second. The bass or kick drum is stretched beyond all recognition until it almost snaps but booms back in a pretty ardcore manner. Brutal.
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