myspace wish list


Oct 23, 2007
Here are a couple of tunes that I have found on myspace over the years that I've always hoped one day that I would get my hands on..

These are tunes by established artist within the scene but the tunes have been on myspace for years now so I assume that the odds of them coming out are slim.

(This thread is not a moan about tunes not getting released, It's just to show an appreciation.)

Tomy Kain - Warped / They Just Strut

Henchman - Shifting colours

A load of old Jayline tunes ( No longer on his myspace player)
Lady blazer, Hostile to name a couple.

There is several more that I will post up when I get round to finding the links.

If anyone else have any other artists or tune suggestions then just add them to this thread. (any sub genre)
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