House Myriad Abstruse - Vision (CLIP)


Myriad Abstruse
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Hi All,

It's been a while since I've posted on here! The reason for this is that I've sort of gone off DnB... Before you leave the thread while cussing me for my disloyalty, there is a reason! Bring back the Full Cycle days I say. Now it's either horrendously commercial or very minimal, and while I do like me a bit of minimal, it's not really where my heart is at anymore!

So, now that you haven't even read down to this part, I'll speak to myself about the latest tune that I have been working on...

Here's a nice summery deep house track to enjoy with the sun and maybe a daiquiri if you're that way inclined.
Give some feedback to me and I'll give some feedback on your tracks!

Also, if this isn't your thing then I'm also working on an electronica track as well as some dark techno, so if you fancy hearing anything along those lines then feel free to follow me on Soundcloud :2thumbs: