MyOLDskool "ETERNAL" by mick78

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    Hi DNB Oldskoolfans,

    if u like atmpheric oldskool sound, pls check out a digitalised mixtape i made in 97.
    Enjoy :)

    Cover + Trackslisting


    Side A

    Roni Size - Watching Windows
    Area39 - Whatever
    Aquarius - Aquatic
    Breeze - Field of Dreams
    Essence of Aura - So this is Love
    Adam F f. MC Conrad - F-Jam
    Omni Trio - Skeleton Keys
    Hierogliphix - Rhythm is Back
    Adam F - Circles

    Side B

    Ils & Solo - Reprize
    Ltj Bukem - Cool`in Out
    Chameleon - Close Your Eyes
    Chameleon - Links
    Intense - Positve Notions
    Vext - Visions
    Ltj Bukem - Horizons
    Omni Trio - Nu Birth of Cool
    Omni Trio - Trippin on Broken Beats