My turntable woes continue...

Agent Smith

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So basically after spilling a pint of water in a pissed state into one of my 1210's, leaving it in a airing cupboard for 5 days, and it coming back to life, the tone arm on my other deck has become very unstable.

I took it to a specialist who said its internal tone arm damage, so the whole arm needs replacing with the swivel part. He quoted £100 to fit and pay for the part.

I hate parting with my cash so I bought the part this guy was banging on about, and have decided to give it a crack.
Ive replaced the pitches in both my decks previously.

Anyone clued up on replacing tone arms? I dont want to reattach the new one incorrectly...
Best thing to do would be to scour youtube for a decent video. It's much harder to explain things like that in text. If you've replaced pitches before you should be fine once you have a decent video.

My mate had to replace a tonearm once as something fell off a shelf bent the arm and damaged the base so badly the bearings came out!