My track 'Take Control' Grooverider's rewind track of the week!!!!


Eat, Sleep and Breakbeats
Ha ha I cant send anything out anyways.. if you want any of my tracks ask Crystal Clear he is my gaffer... yeah was a very nice feeling to have a bit of recognition.. had a few track played by Groove and Crissy so its always nice to have the support you know..
I have been producing for about 3 or so years now..
Thanks very much for the luv and support fellas.. always much appreciated.. I'm just happy people find time to enjoy my music.. :)

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awww and this is just an early dub mix of the track i have since finished off a mix with vocals from a talented young lady called Erin Rose.. so keep your eyes out for that.. ;)


Eat, Sleep and Breakbeats
Ha thanks matey.... I think lol i think you missed out the words 'So Much' before the word takent haha jokes

Clip is on my space now for those who couldn't be bothered checkin through the show lol

and also here is a mix from me.. let a new artists into your lives..who knows you might like it
1/Hoax-Utopia (G13 Dub)
2/Crystal Clear & Zen-Gang realted (Cold Blooded dub)
3/Crissy Criss-Kick Snare VIP (Technique)
4/Jayline-Step (Big Bad & Heavy Dub)
5/Mattix & Furtile-Substance (Dub)
6/Hiest & Sensai-Interrogate (Calypso)
7/Tantrum Desire-Mr Brooks (Technique)
8/SubZero-Ooh Baby (Ganga)
9/S.P.Y-Xenomorph (Metalheads)
10/Mattix & Futile-Corkscrew (Dub)
11/Crystal Clear-Contact (Cold Blooded Dub)
12/Steppa & Kitcha-Belly (Calypso)
13/Sigma-Paint it Black VIP (Hospital)
14/Xample-Lowdown VIP (Ram)
15/Dub Native-Party Feat Erin Rose JRG Remix (Dub)
16/Netsky Feat Darrison-Escape (Hospital)
17/Mattix & Futile-Believe (Dub)
18/Jayline & Brockout-With me Brokcout VIP (Dub)
19/Prolix-40 Channels of Funk (Virus)
20/S.P.Y-Favela (Metal Heads)

enjoy peeps