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    Nov 16, 2008
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    ez all heres a mix i did off the cuff trying to get my mixin back up to scratch, there are some mistakes, if the tracklist looks to ur taste give it a go, feedback, or just leech cos i know most ppl do nowadays.

    47 mins 66 mb 192kb/s

    noisia - contact
    >> swamp thing
    baron - nosher vip
    jaydan - ghetto
    total science + spy - jericho
    lomax - brainfreeze
    serum - topcat remix
    jaydan - somethin for the man dem
    chase and status - top cat remix
    chase and status - brasil
    pleasure - weapons of power
    ram trilogy - screamer ( or vip? dunno exact name of track)
    hlz - venus ( sorry about the awful switch lol )
    distorted minds - maniac cop
    pleasure - asylum
    dillinja - love child
    rowney - death rattle vip
    serum - just a beat
    distorted minds - thief
    fracture and neptune - clissold