My "review" policy...

I might be wrong in doing this (I am a n00b after all), but my policy when reviewing tracks is that the user being reviewed should have quite a few posts, never less than ten, before I even bother reading the contents of the thread.

The reason for this is that it's far too easy to simply post one "please check my l33t track" and then leave the place with some interesting feedback...

I am trying to check 2 or 3 tracks every two days since I am myself in the middle of production and I find very difficult to be objective with my own creations, so I understand that anyone here can benefit from positive criticism.

But I also believe that people who post here regularly (either by posting deep, meaningful posts or by posting jokes in the Waffle section) should have priority when receiving feedback...

I am sure I am not the only one in these very forums who acts this way: if you check the threads currently available in the forum, you will notice how the percentage of people posting vs lurkers is much lower in "one posters" than in locals... It is simple karma: give, and ye shall receive! :D ;)

Just my two cents! :D

if you are totally new and you are craving for some feedback: might I suggest that you review 2 or three tracks from other people in the forum before your own cool creations? :) :)

Best regards to locals and noobies alike! :D

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