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Yeh, so every couple of days I'm gonna recommend and artists for y'all. It's mainly gonna be Hip Hop but now and then may suprise and chuck something else in the mix.
Jason Powers (better known as Elzhi - often printed as eLZhi) is a rapper and a former member of the Detroit group Slum Village[1] . Elzhi joined Slum Village in 2001 while they were working on their third album, Trinity (Past, Present and Future).

*In work so trying to access youtube through a proxy, but the video doen't show up so it's a bit like the second tune I posted... Someone let me know if it has*

Sick MC from Detroit who's come through in the past ten years. Works closely with other Detroit artists such as Slum Village, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, J Dilla, Phat Kat etc
His best solo album is The Preface -
His bst album with Slum Village is Slum Village -

Stick loosely to the topic. Don't post up random videos of any Hip Hop. At least keep it Detroit if you're going to stray away from Elzhi.
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It actually looks like you spent some time and effort making this post. That is exactly why I'm not going to read it ;D

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ez borf, we should colab on this thread and let jmz be a part of it. we could do beautiful things,

yea Elzhi is nice,

heres my recommendation, although borf already for mentioned ..listen to this dude! he mad!!

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