My old DnB ch000n


Apr 24, 2009
Hi SynesthesiaC, I like the fact that you try to mix a few personal tastes without falling in the "I must be more D&B here and there"... There are some almost trancey tunes, reminiscences of the 80s and early 90s in the intro, and after the drop all hell breaks loose...

I would recommend anyone reviewing here not to be daunted by the first half a minute or so of the song, what comes next is worth it!

Personally, I think that your production needs quite a lot of tweaks from an eqing point of view, and reducing some of the subbass because it's definitely adding a bit too much grit in the main section.

Other than that, this is also very close to my own personal taste with music... anthemic yet breakbeaty...

I would also try to stick to more limited melodies, too many ideas mixed can detract a bit from the core values of the song.

SO my overall: reduce the extras, focus a bit more on the first main section, and keep the good work --- it's quite impressive mate :)



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Feb 2, 2009
On the drop it's clipping to hell no? Bit of snap, crackle and pop anyway.
I would like to hear this tune finished, I like a bit of musicality in my music. I guess the guitarist in me likes a chord progression as well as a bit of synth magic.
IMHO you could rework the entire drum track. When you get your drums down nice in your current projects, when it starts coming together, come back and rework this tune.
It's a nice idea.


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Nov 16, 2008
haha i reli like this, very euphoric and epic, reli like the breakbeaty drums.
I think its a nice idea but the sub bass/ bass does need to come down in volume a bit its drowin everything out a bit.
i wud like to hear this polished of for sure. different but i like it!
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