DnB my new track im working on bit unsure if it works

Intro is a nice build with your kick and snare. Also the chord sounds that come in are nice but could be expanded greatly into the main section perhaps-(where your bass stabs are hitting). This is the area of the track that could possibly use a few different sounds to make it more interesting. Possibly look into some kind of white noise riser effect thing or some such imo. Also, this tune could benefit from a proper sub bass layer under the dubsteppy bass sounds you have. I think the dark vibe that you have going is pretty great here, just could be pushed further to create more interest to listener. nice production bro.
there is a sub but its just one whole note maybe i should break it up so its more prominent, also like the idea of white noise riser got white noise but just use a filter on it for subtlety
hello smarte. proper drums in this one, and i love those chords ...
some of the effect and vox could be stuffed deeper into the mix .. try to find another place in the room for them.
i'm not a big fan of the old school synth line and sounds but that is just my personal taste. good work ! :2thumbs:
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