My M3D is phuuuuucked


Jul 16, 2003
I dunno what it is but the motor on one of my technics is fucked. It can't keep a steady beat making it pretty much useless, or i have to adjust the pitch adjust non stop and can't ever find a place just to leave it at and let it ride. Its not that im a shitty mixer and can't find the right speed to set it at cause i've been able from when i've had them to now. I can mix just fine on other peoples tables, and my friends who've mixed on em all don't do as well as they normally do, so im guessing one of mine or maybe both (im pretty sure it's just one though) are fucked. Can i get a new motor or anything and are they hard to install or should i just start saving up for some new 12's and (GASP) have to stop buying wax for a few months, they are pretty old 12s. I love mixing and all that but man this really puts a damper on it all. Any suggestions answers would be a very well appreciated.
sorry any moderators can delete this post cause it is as good as worthless (it's pretty much a duplicate posting)
just be glad uv got 1210's mate! im sure even with ur wavery pitch problems ur decks are nicer than mine! sorry to hear bout that tho. its sickenin when u cant mix properly or at all for a few weeks. hope u get it sorted and nice n cheap (y)
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