my little 4 20 warehouse party set

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    my first hour set where people were dancing lol. it was quite fun, hope I didnt mess up all too much as I was far from sober....


    Twisted Individual - I am Leg End
    Noisia - Friendly Intentions
    Logan D and Majistrate - Car Jackin
    Camo and Krooked - Nothing is Older Than Yesterday
    Jubei - Gateway
    Gridlok & Prolix - Tru Born Playa (feat MC Fats)
    Sigma - Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)
    Spectrasoul - Mimic
    Logan D and Majistrate - Satan
    Uman feat Illy MC - Mind Consumption
    Generation Dub - Capricorn A
    Camo & Krooked - No Nerds Needed
    Sigma - El Presidente (VIP)
    S.P.Y. - Rebirth (feat Riya)
    Blokhe4d - Cretin (Prolix Remix)
    BTK and Resound - No Mess
    Mistabishi - Brunt
    Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse
    Terravita - Adult Robot Kungfu (VIP)
    Majistrate - Bug Crusher
    Hazard - Food Fight
    Fresh - Mission To Mars
    Phace and Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
    Majistrate - Ice Cream
    Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria
    Phetsta - Tetris