My latest tune...


Mar 5, 2003
Bristol, UK
nIce techy b line, good long build up in the track, atmospherics on it sound crisp to. The breakdown is very interesting, the vocals give a very spook feeling to that bit and it builds like a bitch, could do with a clearer drop though, which is the only think i would change right around 4.50 when it gets going again.

If you got a high qual version send it my way man, big up :)


Almost 30
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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Re: Re: My latest tune...

Not really feeling it. The main riff is kind of contorted in a bad sorta way, so I can't see this working on the floor. There are too many different breaks and drum sounds, and they all aren't quantized together so they are a bit off-time. The bass levels are inconsistent, and the track really doesn't seem to go anywhere.

On the upside, cheers for trying to find your own sound. Maybe work on keeping the track more focused would help.
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