My latest effort - Danson's liquid mix


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Aug 10, 2017
Not bad, not great either. I've only been mixing for 6mos. I think it will take a year or so of practice to rub out all the blemishes.

My beat matching and EQing is getting better. As always would love to hear your opinions.

100% Vinyl mix.

Tracklist is..

BCee - Glitter Balls
Technicolor & Komatic - The Glow
Zero T feat. Steo - Refusal
Soligen & Type 2 - Can't Go (Break remix)
Mutt - Conversations
Seba - Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten remix)
Phil Tangent - We Don't Talk Anymore
June Miller - Brave Man
FD & Keza - Cougars
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (DJ Marky & SPY rework)
Total Science, Hydro, & War - Aegean Blues
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