My goodness lady DJ's, Competitions, IMO Records!! Lifefm 20th March

Easy Lifers

Big up to all the djs and artist that played last week on Life fm.

This Saturday we have the third monthly installement known as the Femme de la Femme show with the one and only T1. T1 will be playing an hour of UK hip hop and an hour of dnb side to side with Vanna on the mic. For the next four hours we have a show from IMO records, then last but by no means least the Fatboy and a competition. The prize is to win a pair of tickets to the next Big Bad Bass @ Plastic People on Wednesday 7th of April 2004. So lock in and taste the goodies!!

T1 20.00-22.00GMT
Relm & Frequency(IMO records) 22.00-02.00GMT
Fatboy 02.00-0400 GMT


LifeFM Management