My friends first track!


Aug 9, 2009

easy guys... a friend of mine started having a fiddle a few months back.... and this is the first PROPER bit he's put together......

his internet is down and out hence why were posting it on my account!

analyze and tear him apart :P
Is there a kick in there? I swear I did just hear it but that seriously needs to come up! Bass ain't sounding to bad. Like the main melody too.

Just sort out the percussion with EQ and then it will sound a lot better. I find the clap sound far to harsh and thats hats are really harsh in my opinion. I reckon work is really needed on the percussion but after that it will be pretty good.

Also needs a better ending!

For a first tune say big ups to him! A lot of good elements in here and of course there will always be things that need changing. And more often than not percussion always seems to be an issue. Tell him to keep at it :)
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