My fourth free sample pack

Discussion in 'Production' started by Ghosthack, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    Today I released my fourth free sample pack. The samples are recorded in 140bpm, so they are mainly suited for dubstep/trap productions, but I think some of them (especially the one-shots) might be useful for other styles of electronic music too.

    It consists of:

    4 Bassdrums
    6 Basslines
    10 Drumloops
    7 HiHtas
    6 Pads
    8 Snares
    4 NI Massive Bassline Presets
    4 FX Sounds
    3 Snare FX Sounds
    3 Synth Sounds

    Download the package here:

    Hope it might be useful for your productions ;)