Drum & Bass My first song

Wats a positive feedback to you? If someone tells me that my track is good, but nothing more, its nice to hear but its kinda of negative in the way that it doesnt help me to improve. I rather have someone sayin my track is shit and why its shit, what I should work on, than just a "cool track dude !" :p At the end of the day even if you're an awesome producer (which i'm not lol) u can still improve.

So about your track, i'll try to give you my thoughts, i'm a beginner too, dont have that much experience, but i'll tell you the points that i would work if I was you :

- Drums needs to be worked. Its not bad but they're completely lacking of energy and power, they should give power to the track. Maybe change your kick and snares samples, add some loops to fill high frequencies.
- The sounds are interesting, they're not bad. I dont really like the synth comin at around 3min49 it feels somehow detuned, but its personal opinion. Try to add more elements to create more atmosphere, pads, notes with arpeggios, again I dont know if this would fit I'm just trying to give you some ideas.
- They're some interesting elements in the structure of the song, there is breaks, rises and drops, its interesting but you need to work on it more, maybe add some whites noises or FX to complete the rises etc..

Keep on working, it's not that bad for a first song. All that I said above is just ideas and thoughts to help you out and lead you in ways to work on, they're many producers more skillfull than me on this forum so dont take it too seriously.

I think thats it, keep on mate, everybody was a beginner at some point and you've got the right attitude to ask for advices !

the drums are very junglist, there arranged nice id keep those or maybe just change the snare sample and put your hats higher in the mix - use the same hat twice but resample one and change the pitch and volume slightly just adds some movement to the drums - u should of used the bit at 2.00 -2.40 as an intro and built it up with some drums and perhaps dropped it into the first section - or the bit at 1.40-1.50 - i would probably get rid of the piano cause i dont think it matches the feel - you have some nice sounds and your drums have got massive potential i think there cool ! its just your arrangement is a bit irratic but all that comes in time- i too am amateur haha i made much worse shit to start off with !
Alot better than my first tune, id agree with fatkid but also the phrase didnt make sense to me it sounds a bit random but maybe thats just me.

For a first track i think you did pretty well and as you learn your daw, invest in some good samples and plugins youll surprise yourself =)


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thanks a lot for the feedback! yeah i wasn't really thinking much with the arrangment i was just throwing a bunch of stuff together trying to actually finish a track lol. I'm ganna take all your comments into account and try to fix this track up :D