my first recorded mix


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2 or 3 of the mixes arent perfect but i did this first go so wasnt too bad.

ps. if u dont like the tracklist then dont download cos i dont wanna start a debate about the tracks that are in there (thats why i posted it on here and not

subfocus - special place
>>krust - warhead (TC remix)
TC - raise the roof
dj hazard - mr happy
ram - screamer
xample - lowdown
TC - get that girl
TC - game over
?? - magic man (think its modified motion)
TC - wheres my money
>>the one (2k remix) - mampi swift
original sin - say
steezin for no reason
g dub - dirty games
pendulum - another planet (seemed like a good idea at the time lol)

i'll post a better one when i get my new vinyl through...cheers