DnB My first month as a "producer" - tell me what you think

Bruder B

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Nov 30, 2011
Hey, i´m glad you made it here! Just jump on this link all the tracks and the latest set you´ll find there i made in the past month so there´s much more to come ;) Leave me a comment what you liked or dissliked. And of coure feel free to share and download. See ya!

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The snare is barely there in intro, and the kick has a HUGE gap between high and low (if it even a has low end). Intro sounds depressing and skitsophrenic. Also, the basslines sub is WAY too quiet? Maybe make a clean sub with another synth to roll on the bottom. Also, it would be cool if you added hi hats or crashes (or at least volume up those existing ones). So make the drums louder man, it's cool if you've been only producing for a month.
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