My First Full Track Up For Download - Liquid, Mellow Sound


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Aug 19, 2008
How's it going? Figured i'd listen cause I just put up a track and nobody commented. lol. Funny enough. Your style seems similar to mine. I dig it a lot cause this is generally how tunes come together in my mind. All Id say is layer the beat and mix em a little bit for a bigger sound and you're good to go dude. Keep it up.

Much respect,


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Aug 14, 2008
hello... just waiting for download link....

good crisp intro, not really feeling the melody, but still decent for sure, i dont think it drops deep enough man, i was expecting some deep drums as they do seem a little set back, all you need to do is push the levels up on the drums, the sound of the tune is sweet, just needs a kick if you know what i mean, work on this some more AND REPOST IT! il put this in my unsighned folder, keep this up.

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