my cousin just got a free ipod and so can u, not a scam its on the bbc aswell


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Before i even start read the bbc press on this is you do not beleive me:

This might seem unbelievable and most of you are thinking it is, but if you click this link and sign up to one of the services this company sends you a free Ipod. Even if you cancel the service that you choose after just a month. My cousin signed up to the DVD one and cancelled after 1 month and so costing him only £9.99, and received a 20GB Ipod.

Apparently you don’t even have to wait a month and can cancel immediately and still get the ipod, however I’m going to do it a month just in case. Give it a go or just check it out.

This is the link:
(as i have shown you how to get a ipod its only fair u get me one too! :)

Also look at this news report on it if you don’t believe me:

my cousin has got one and a few people on clubgti have also.

worth a go, eh?