My Best set!!! Darkside of DnB


What the HEck ?
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TRAKTOR 3,DRUM n' BASS,60:13 mins,192 kbps
1)Limewax - 666
2)Cooh, C.A.2K & OTM - Like An Angel
3)Spor - Knock You Down
4)G Dub - Beast City
5)Phace - Open Your Eyes
6)Audio - Warehouse
7)Jonny L - Back to Your Roots
8)Technical Itch & Robyn Chaos - Last Hours
9)Muffler - I'm No good for You VIP remix
10)Adam F - Original Jungle Sound (Switch Remix)
11)Limewax - 1/2 LB
12)Miss Redflower - Last Hope
13)Miss Redflower - ?
14)Noisia - Block Control
15)Overturn and Purple Unit - running clown
16)Celldweller - Stars of Orion
17)Cooh - Armeny
19)Dom & Roland - U Do Voodoo
20)Konflict - Messiah
21)Miss Redflower - Here to Fly (Misha RMX)
22)Robyn Chaos and Dylan - Possession
23)Unknown Error - Sucker Punch
24)Limewax - The Attack
25)Asian Dub Fundation - Flyover
26)Cooh - Duuure
27)Counterstrike - Draco
28)Concord Dawn - Morning Light
29)Spor - 103 Degress
30)Miss Redflower - Groundloop
31)Miss Redflower - ?


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T/L looks good, Adam F into Limewax, Like puppies into a blenda

Should make an interesting mix.

Thanks For The Upload!!