My best dnb tracks! I love feedback!


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Apr 3, 2012
Montevideo MN
Hey guys! I'm feeling musical to day so I thought I'd post some of our tunes on here, tell me what you think, what could be changed etc.

Soundworks: This was one of our first songs, it's more about the music, really melodic kind of like a symphony. Not the greatest quality but I love the tune!
Wind in the trees: My personal favorite, The snare is kind of behind the mix tho. Melodic.
In The Mirror: played this riff on the keyboard, loved the creepy sound of it. Not very good quality, will work on later
Power Stage: Best one for dynamics, I remade it using the lower level info I got from this forum. The bass really hits great I think! (Crap just listened on soundcloud, for some reason its clipping crappily...oh well.)
It'd be awesome if you could check these all out, but I understand if you can only check a few, so see Wind in trees and Power stage.


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Aug 6, 2009
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Ok, gonna type as I listen...

Soundworks - This has got some really....really nice sounds in there, but the mixdown is awful! There's practically no drums at all because the frequencies are being over powered by all your synth's and heavy guitar sample! Judging by this, I'd suggest that your best option right now, is to spend a good few weeks / month's reading and studying EQ Techniques. Grasp an understanding of how it will help every sound sit in it's own space in the mix.

Wind in the trees - Straight away I can hear this track is gonna suffer the same way the 1st did. Awesome sounds and ideas, but you need to work on the mixdown. On a lighter note though, once you master the art of mixdown, you're gonna be pushing out some bangers thats for sure!

In the mirror - Liking the bass synth at the start, I reckon with some clever FX chains, you will be able to get that really moving and morphing! Again, got some amazing ideas, just need to reign it all in and clean it up.

Power stage - Heavy kick, infact the drums sound alot more powerful in this track from the rest!

My sound advice to you is definately learn about EQ, the Sound stage, and where different frequencies should sit in a mix.

Infact, if you have the dry stems to any of these tracks, feel free to send some over here and I'll show you how it'll sound with proper EQ done on it. If you want to do that, I'll need every element seperate. kicks, snares, hats, bass, melody, strings, FX, breaks etc etc. let me know fella


Apr 2, 2003
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agree with the above comments, musically they sound like they have potential..but the production seems to make everything sound washed out/thin
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